Black Eagle is an All Style Karate School. This is a combination of martial arts, namely: Karate, Aikido, Tea Kwon Do, Judo and many more. But the mainstream of our martial arts is Kyokushin - Karate.


In addition we offer: Streetdance, Breakdance, Zumba, Self Defense, Karate, Kickboxing and Karate for children with disabilities (hearing impairment, ADHD, autism, Down syndrome). More information about our classes can be found at ‘Trainingen’ or be so kind to contact us.


For our students we feel it is extremely important that the classes have a relaxing, varied and stimulating character, the learning opportunities go hand in hand with personal development and a healthy and pleasant way of moving. In order to achieve this we strive for openness, where everyone can express his/her wishes and/or observations. Only when we know what is happening with our students, we can fully meet the objective.


You are welcome to attend a free trial class! For more information, feel free to contact us!